Why advertise in charity publications?

Helping your community

It goes without saying that it is a responsibility of a business to give back to its community. The basis of any organisation should be to provide some kind of value to people and supporting local charities is a great way to fulfil that, while also bettering your own society.

Positive brand identity

People are more inclined to deal with an organisation that is engaged in charitable activities in any way, according to various research. Therefore, providing support to charities will elevate identity of your business above your competition and provide status of being ethical and trustworthy.

Enhanced market reach

Providing advertising support to charities will gain marketing returns. It will act as a positive platform to reach and connect with potential customers, who otherwise might have been out of your reach.

So what’s in it for the charities?

Advertising within one of our charity publications (Diaries, Newsletters, Annual Reviews, Anniversary Brochures) allows us to provide the product free of charge to the charity and in addition where we achieve enough support, the charity receives 50% of revenue after the costs have been deducted.

Some beautiful numbers and facts


Advertising within the publications has saved the charities over £400,000 in publishing costs and in addition has generated over £150,000 in revenue for the charities.

Half a Million

Roma Fundraising prints over half a million copies of charity publications, split between around 50 charities each year, covering the length and breadth of the UK. In addition, the charities’ own websites receive over two million hits per year.

Any area, any quantity

Whether it is a local charity, such as St Luke’s Hospice (Harrow) which sends out 33,000 copies of each newsletter locally, or Midlands Air Ambulance which distributes 40,000 copies of Take Off across the whole Midlands area, it is a great way to socially market your business.

If you would like to support a local charity, or advertise as a national sponsor across all our publications, please contact us or give us a call straight away on 01706 716257.