Your First and Last Call

The Roma Group has a strong record of producing magazines, business supplements and bespoke publications throughout many industries and has developed into of UK’s leading independent publishing houses. We have dealt with over 20,000 businesses over the last ten years and pride ourselves on forming strong relationships. Along with our established record, we have one of the youngest and most dynamic creative teams in the North West.

Here at Roma Fundraising we aim to utilise our experience and knowledge to become long-term partners for non-profit organisations. We aim to act as first and last call for those organisations regarding any marketing enquiries.

Our Mission

We believe that non-profit organisations should be able to focus on helping causes with minimal headaches. Our aspiration is to create a platform that serves those organisations as an all-in-one solution for marketing needs. We want to reshape the way that it is currently done and remove the ‘tedious’ part, while becoming a key to resolving marketing related problems for non-profit organisations.


Roma Fundraising always conducts services honestly and honourably, with the knowledge that we are working on behalf of the charity. We will not approach companies and business sectors that we believe are unsuitable or would be detrimental to the charity. All adverts and advertisers are proofed by us back to the organisation prior to the publication, to ensure suitability and the final say for the inclusion remains with the charity. To read our full code of ethics and practice please click here.

Our Values



Our promise of quality is reflected in our products that are produced to the highest standards, as well as our customer service. We are confident that our products and services will always exceed your expectations.



We aim to cultivate our relationships with trust. This means that throughout our mutual journey our partners are treated with respect and sincerity. Our assurance is that we do not provide false information or misleading statements.



Every organisation is different and we understand that. We are a company run by people – thus our services are individually tailored from person to person. Our communication with everyone follows a personable nature, rather than applying repeat templates.



Every member of our team is passionate about their work and it is reflected through our products. We take pride in everything we do to ensure that all of our services are of the highest standards.

Meet Our Team


Marcus Howarth

Managing Director


Graeme Jones

Operations Director


Billie Sutton

Accounts Assistant


Nigel Moorhouse

IT Technical Support


Vicky Doran

Senior Graphic Designer


Kirsten Murphy

Graphic Designer


Rachel Harrop

Graphic Designer


Katie Eggleston

Graphic Designer


Lynne Dale

Advert Coordinator


Debra Preston

Advert Coordinator


Beth Haigh

Advert Coordinator


Joel Epstein

Charity Sales Executive


Lorraine Vincent

Charity Sales Executive


Peter Devine

Charity Sales Executive


Sarah Taylor

Charity Sales Executive